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Reblog if. .

You understand what it is to be a cutter.
You understand that it’s not for attention.
You understand that it’s a release.
You understand that the aim isn’t death.
You understand that feeling pain is easier than feeling numb or broken.
You understand that emotions can choke you.

Reblog if you’re not:
disgusted, horrified or look down on cutter. .
Reblog if you really, truly, understand.

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Here you are tumblr, welcome to my bed, also, this is my face. I made it myself.

yes i know what you’re thinking.. he looks strange.. yes i know.. but he is also one AMAZING guy. and anyone would be lucky to have him in their life.  this guy.. i would go to the ends of the earth for. i hate seeing him so down but i also know that he is one strong fighter and won’t give up without a fight. some days he drives me absolutely crazy but others i just wish he was right back next me, annoying me and tickling me or jut having a laugh with me, i miss his hugs and his laugh, his humor but mostly how he could just make my day the moment he walked into homeroom. so if  you have the privilege to have him in your life then don’t change that for anything.. <3 

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